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    Admin Event Viewer



      in more recent months I have found more and more uses for the Custom property editor which is a brilliant way of grouping large numbers of devices easily and also makes creating custom features in other parts of the Orion Suite of applications a piece of cake.

       But I do have one hang up with it. There is an exceptional amount of change going on in our network constantly and trying to keep up with the manual process of updating the custom property editor is quite challanging, specially since most of the adding and removing in NPM is done by another team. Now obviously it would be pointless to even attempt to automate the updating of nodes/interfaces in the custom property editor as everybody configures their version of Orion and their devices differently.

      So instead ,the feature request I am submitting is to create a sort of "to do" list. Something that can be accessed on the server or be added as a part of the Admin view in the webconsole. It wouldn't actively do anything or change anything it would just inform the administrator that 'X' number of devices were added or removed from the database (We do have an SQL report to do this but that's all it does) and that "X" number of custom properties have been affected and in whatever way. It could be used not only for the Custom property editor but also for other manual task like the Map maker or interfaces and volumes that are not being monitored. i.e

      One of the frequent changes we have on our network is the replacing of nodes where the devices are replaced with a different model box and the IP addresses are changed. Yet the name, physical & logical status of these devices remain the same. Our process at the moment is to remove these devices from the database (We tried rediscovering the new devices and changing the IP but we kept getting strange results each time we did) and readd them thus deleting any custom properties associated with them.

      If we had a "to do" list that recognised a device being removed and a new one readded with the same name it could alert the admin of the custom properties that need to be updated. Kind of like what you might see on Bebo where upon login you are prompted with the tasks that need your attention. Think of it as an "Event Viewer" for tasks relating only to the administration of Orion. I am also aware that devices added, removed edited are all displayed in the event viewer at present.

      Apologies for the length of this request. It would definitely be a hugely beneficial feature for us and I'm sure with a little imagination on the SW side it could become just as beneficial for all the users of the NPM

      Thanksfor your time