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    Display Web Data based on Values

      I have several interface error queue's that I am monitoring on Juniper routers. All the data is presented to SW in a Node Table (the interface inventory is different for each node) and the web page is limited (unless I have really missed something) to just displaying the whole table of data. (lots of zero values - 16 per Node Queue).

      I would like to be able to state a filter that if (Custom_Poll_Data > 0) then print table line entry on the web page. In this way, my list of Queue Error Tables would only show the actual errors instead of lots of zero values for interfaces that do not exist or do not have errors on them. This is a very infrequent error occurrence and keeping the Node Details screen readable (without 64 lines of zero values) is what I am looking for.

      Is there anyway that I can program what I need from within SolarWinds?

      - or -

      Am I limited to scripting this completely outside of SW?