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    how to add Smartmonitors


      I know how smartmonitors are detected and added during the discovery process, but how does the process of adding smartmonitors work when adding devices manually at a later date.

      In other words, let's say I add a number servers using the discovery process along with a particular list of monitors that are common to all of these servers. Now, later I want to add a new server and have it assigned the same list of smartmonitors.

      How will this work? Can this process be automated in any way?

      Thanks very much for the help.

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          SmartMonitor settings contains a list of monitors that should be added if discovered.  This setting is global.  If you'd like to change this during your discovery of a new set of servers, you can modify SmartMonitor settings before you enter the monitor scanning step.

          So to summarize:

          1) Specify range of IPs for new servers to be added

          2) Run device discovery.   On results screen, you can change SmartMonitor settings to the desired set of monitors

          3) Go to next step in discovery, which will discover and add monitors based on SmartMonitor settings.