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    CUSTOM Data field table?


      in older version of orion, there used to be a table i could add to a view that when edited would allow me to click the custom properites that i wanted displayed.  I have found only a table that allows me to select a custom property field that can be edited.  no table to display the values of the custom fields that I want to display.



      Add to the Serial Interfaces a table that displays the Carrier, carrier phone #, Circuit ID and stuff like this which was entered manually in via the custom property editor.


      did you all remove it or am i just missing it.


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          We haven't removed any resources like that to my knowledge.  There are a couple of custom property resources available in Manage Views section.  Do none of them do what you need?

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              Found it... Node Detail Reports > Custom Properties for Nodes.


              Now for a FEATURE request.

              I would like to be able to change the ORDER in which the selected Custom Properties show up on the website.  Currently they are just listed alphabetically.


              Also instead of having to click the Edit resources at the top of this table, just give us the ability (if you have rights) to edit the values directly on the current page and then have a SUBMIT changes at the top of the table.