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    UnDP Request


      We recently upgraded Orion to 9.1 from 8.5.1, so I'm still relatively new to the Universal Device Poller.  One function that I liked about the old Custom MIB poller was when assigning the MIB poller, the node list only listed devices that weren't already assigned to that MIB poller.  It appears that functionality is not present in the UnDP.  I see the list of assigned objects, but I don't see an option to show all nodes NOT already assigned to a specific poller.  We have well over 2000 nodes.  With that many nodes, I can't look at the list of assigned objects and tell if maybe I missed a node or not.  We have multiple engineers adding devices and not everyone (myself included) remembers to assign pollers to new nodes. 

      Could we have the functionality back?