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    User Inactivity Timeout

      Is it possible to disable the User Inactivity Timeout setting?  I'd like to connect a dumb terminal to the NOC view of the network devices and display that on a 56" information display in our NOC.  Right now I can only set it for a max of 240 minutes.  Is there some way to disable that setting or set it to infinity?



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          Hello Eric,

          Disabling the User Inactivity Timeout is not currently possible nor should it be necessary in your case.  As the NOC view (as well as any ipMonitor page that has the little flashing orange squares) auto-refreshes itself, it should keep your ipMonitor session alive.  As a result, no session expiration should occur and the NOC view should stay on the screen until the end of time (in a perfect world where computer hardware lasts forever and upgrades are not necessary).

          Hope this answers your question

          Chris Foley