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    This installation of SolarWinds Tools is corrupt

      I am using the 8.0.10 version of the Network Performance Monitor from the Engineer's Toolkit. 

      After configuring an alert (to page/email myself) I attempted to test: 

      Alerts -> Configure -> Test Alerts

      This results in the following error:

      Test Orion Alerts
      This installation of SolarWinds Tools is corrupt.  You will need to reinstall it.
      Error Code: SWL-1001

      I have completely removed the product (including registry entries and 'solarwinds' folders) and re-installed ver 8 tookit -> same results.  (and why is it testing an ORION alert?)

      The equivalent operation works when I load a version 9 eval - however I can't see spending $1300 to get this ONE operation to work when the remainder of version 9 looks to be about 98% the same as version 8.

      Hope you can help - even though it's the older version.


        • Re: This installation of SolarWinds Tools is corrupt

           oghurd2 - It seems to me that a part the Eval you installed is hanging around, specifically the TestAlerts.exe file (which is normal, as we will will not overwrite a newer file).

          To fix this, Stop NPM, find your toolset folder (usually Program Files\SolarWinds\Engineers Edition), and remove the file TestAlerts.exe. Re-install. Once the install is complete, find the new TestAlerts.exe in the Toolset folder and run it (it will create some registry entries).

          All that being said, if you had maintenance (which is way less than $1300 ), you would be entitled to the latest version, and would merely have to upgrade to the latest and greatest version to solve your problem.