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    Traffic Summary Graph

      I like all of the different statistics summary items that are available in Orion, but there is one missing - Traffic Summary - something that will do a min/max/average bits per second on a network-wide (and/or restricted view) scale. 

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          Hi Ctschap,

           A such resource exists in the web console and in System Manager.

           In the web console you can add it to a specific view by login as an admin
           Click on Admin on the top bar > Manage Views > Edit the view on which you want to add the resource.  

           Click on the + to add a new resource. Expand  the "Network Wide Summary Charts - Charts Showing Statistics Across All Managed Devices" group.

           Select one of the "Network Wide Average Utilization" or "Network Wide Total Bytes Transferred" charts. Click on Submit and then Done.

           In System Manager, open it and on the top of the Nodes list expand "Network Wide Summary Charts". Click on Network Wide Percent Utilization or Total Bytes Transferred over Entire Network.