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    Foundry Networks SNMP Support


      If possible can someone give me a step by step guide to monitoring a Foundry network switch with ipMonitor? I cannot get any SNMP data from any of our Foundry switches.

      SNMP is setup on the switch. I can walk its MIB with the SW tools. However, I cannot get ipMonitor to do basic things like report temperature, and cpu utilization.


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          Are you able to get bandwidth monitors configured?   Also, are you walking the device using  SW tools from the same machine as ipMonitor or a different machine?

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              Connectivity is not an issue. 

              For example I have bandwidth monitors setup for a Foundry FESX424. Unfortunately that’s the only thing I can setup. There does not seem to be any available CPU, memory, or temp information. I walked the mib’s again after I posted and I cannot find data relevant to the above mentioned. I guess this hardware is just too old… ?

              However, it does have the ability to send a SNMP trap if the switch starts to overheat. Is there a way to use that functionality to alert ipMonitor?

              Or maybe I’m just misunderstanding.