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    Monitoring ifOutQLen


      Does anyone monitor ifOutQLen for their servers?  The OID is  If I understand this correctly, it is monitoring the output queue length, in packets for the server.  Am I correct in assuming that if I see this number start to increment, then that means there is congestion somewhere, or to some tcp destination?

       If no one is using this OID, what would you recommend for monitoring interface queue lengths?

      Thanks in advance.

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          I have a similar issue.


          One device has a qlen>0 on one interface.  It varies between 30 and 70.


          This is what the web says:


          ifOutQLen (Common event)

          The length of the output packet queue (in packets). This number should return to zero in a short amount of time. If it ends up being any non-zero value for any length of time, you should consider upgrading the interface to a faster technology, or full duplex (if not already enabled).