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    Orion EOC 1.0 SP2 is now available


      SolarWinds Orion Enterprise Operations Console 1.0 - Service Pack 2


      This service pack requires Orion Enterprise Operations Console (EOC) 1.0.

      Service Pack 2 resolves the following issues:
      - Manage Views resources list becomes mixed after changing layout.
      - Logging on the web console as another user is not supported.
      - The Global All Nodes cannot be sorted alphabetically.
      - The Global All Nodes takes a long time to display thousands of nodes.
      - The Global All Applications cannot be grouped by application monitor template.
      - Personalization for the default page is not always shown.
      - Polling an Orion NPM 9.1 server for events displays an error message.
      - Global Node Status by Site resource needs a "No Data to Display" status message.
      - Attempting to edit "adminaccount" on the Manage Users view displays a "Bad Data" error message.
      - Global Node Status by Site resource displays data incorrectly.
      - User should be redirected to the first page after user changes grouping parameters on the Global Node Status by Site resource.
      - Global Node Status by Site resource has incorrect page numbers.
      - Global Node Status by Site resource displays an error message if resources are grouped by Node.
      - Polling fails if the user changes the name of the host machine after configuring Orion EOC.
      - MapMaker crashes if a user edits the properties of a link between objects that are not associated with either a node or a map.

      Service Pack 1 resolved the following issues:
      - Users with domain accounts cannot view maps in the map resource.
      - Orion EOC cannot be installed on a 64-bit computer that is already hosting Orion NPM.
      - Adding SSL to the Orion EOC website generates menu bars that link to the non-secured website.
      - Adding a user reports an error if the user has a full name longer than 50 characters.
      - Adding a user reports an error if the user's Windows Security Indentifer is longer than 48 characters.
      - Adding a user reports an error if the user name contains underscore '_' characters.
      - The VoIP global site overview displays less data than the VoIP web console.
      - The Open in New Window option of Manage Menu Bars does not work.
      - Configuration Wizard reports an error if the 'Website Setting' option is set to 'Create a virtual directory'.
      - When managing views, layout of all users change even if 'Reset view for all users' option is not checked.
      - Disabled instances of Orion NPM do not appear in the available Orion NPM lists in the resource edit dialog.
      - Applications in the 'Global Top xx' resources cannot be grouped by node.
      - Events in the Netflow "Global last 250 Traffic analysis Events" resource have incorrect links if triggered from unmanaged nodes.
      - The Map resource generates incorrect links if the Orion NPM 'Website URL' was not specified with 'http://'.
      - The Alerts View Acknowledging time is incorrect.
      - The group status of the 'Global High Errors & Discards Today' resource is not determined by the status of the interfaces.
      - Interfaces should not be clickable on the 'Global NetFlow Sources' resource unless they have sent NetFlow data.
      - Anonymous IIS access is not supported.
      - Anonymous users receive 'There is no data to display' messages.
      - Searching for a non-existant user twice does not display the 'The search did not match an existing user name' message.
      - The Admin Database Details page reports an error if no Orion NPM instances are registered.
      - The Admin License Details page reports an error if no Orion NPM instances are registered.
      To install this service pack, run EOC-1.0-Update.exe.
      The following files are updated during service pack installation:
      {Installation Folder}\Queries\Orion.xml
      {Installation Folder}\MapMaker\MapMaker.exe
      {Installation Folder}\MapMaker\SolarWindsMapEngine.dll
      {Installation Folder}\MapMaker\SWDiscoveryServices8.dll
      {Web Site Folder}\LayoutMasterPage.master                       
      {Web Site Folder}\LayoutMasterPage.master.cs                  
      {Web Site Folder}\Login.aspx                                                        
      {Web Site Folder}\Login.aspx.cs                                                  
      {Web Site Folder}\Web.config                                                      
      {Web Site Folder}\Admin\AccountLimitationViewer.aspx       
      {Web Site Folder}\Admin\AddCredentialsWizard.aspx
      {Web Site Folder}\Admin\AddUsersWizard.aspx
      {Web Site Folder}\Admin\AddViewWizard.aspx                    
      {Web Site Folder}\Admin\AddViewWizard.aspx.cs               
      {Web Site Folder}\Admin\EditMenuBar.aspx                        
      {Web Site Folder}\Admin\EditRole.aspx                                  
      {Web Site Folder}\Admin\EditUser.aspx                                  
      {Web Site Folder}\Admin\ManageCredentials.aspx           
      {Web Site Folder}\Admin\ManageMenuBars.aspx             
      {Web Site Folder}\Admin\ManageOrionInstances.aspx    
      {Web Site Folder}\Admin\ManageRoles.aspx                       
      {Web Site Folder}\Admin\ManageThresholds.aspx            
      {Web Site Folder}\Admin\ManageUsers.aspx                       
      {Web Site Folder}\Admin\ManageViews.aspx                      
      {Web Site Folder}\Admin\WebConsoleSettings.aspx         
      {Web Site Folder}\App_Code\ModifiedSqlPersonalizationProvider.cs       
      {Web Site Folder}\App_Code\UserOrionCredentialTemplate.cs                   
      {Web Site Folder}\Bin\Infragistics2.WebUI.UltraWebGrid.v8.2.dll                
      {Web Site Folder}\Bin\Infragistics2.WebUI.WebDataInput.v8.2.dll              
      {Web Site Folder}\Bin\Infragistics2.WebUI.UltraWebNavigator.v8.2.dll     
      {Web Site Folder}\Bin\Infragistics2.WebUI.Misc.v8.2.dll
      {Web Site Folder}\Bin\Infragistics2.WebUI.Shared.v8.2.dll
      {Web Site Folder}\JavaScript\UWGWithExtendedSorting.js
      {Web Site Folder}\images\App\Small-App-Up-Critical.gif     
      {Web Site Folder}\images\App\Small-App-Up-Warn.gif
      {Web Site Folder}\styles\Resources.css                                            
      {Web Site Folder}\styles\SlateGray.css     

      For more information, contact Technical Support at  www.solarwinds.net/support.