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    .NET Runtime 2.0 Error


      I don't know if any of you have seen this error before, but can you give me some insite as to what it is and what is causing it?

      Source .NET Runtime 2.0 Error
      Event ID 5001
      Bucket 355532195, bucket table 5, EventType clr20r3, P1 solarwinds.businesslayerhost.exe, P2, P3 48e402ab, P4 system.data, P5, P6 471ebf27, P7 23cb, P8 295, P9 system.data.sqlclient.sql, P10 NIL.

       Both servers (1 with Poller and Website and 1 with SQL) appear to be running normally. Website is working fine, all alerts and going through to e-mail group. Just keep getting this error and it is generating reports. Sometimes up to 50 reports per day.