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    NetFlow won't stay up.

      Gents, greetings of the day.


      I'm running, Orion 8.5.1 with NTA 3 (SLX) on a Dell 2950 that has never given me issues. The SQL database is on a seperate, co-located 2950. My problem is whenever I try to start the NetFlow service, it pops up a message window that says the service stated and stopped because it had "no work to do." I actually started seeing this problem a month or so ago, but I was still monitoring traffic, so I assumed this was normal. Tonight, NTA was showing the SolarWinds server as down, even though I was remoted into it. I'm assuming it just stopped collecting NetFlow data. Any thoughts anyone might have other than upgrading (my bosses say not yet) would help a lot.



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           UPDATE: This afternoon my SW services bit it. Orion was stuck in the stopping state because someone tried to run the config wizard after I reinstalled NTA 3. The result was the wizard got to a point where it was trying to update the database and hang. I let it sit for a few hours but it never went anywhere, so I stopped the wizard, stopped the process, and restarted the service, but my website wouldn't come up. After a reboot of both my SQL and SW servers, I totally uninstalled NTA 3 and VoIP monitoring and reran the config wizard. Now my website is up, my links are updating correctly, but I can't drill into anything, what with the lack of NTA.


          Anyway, does anyone know what tables I can clear out of the NTA part of my database to hopefully make the config wizard work? Or have any ideas? No errors are reported anywhere, and my databse still has plenty of room.