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    Feedback on Orion 9.0 sp2 to 9.1 upgrade


      Just thought I would mention that I had my first ever flawless Orion upgrade !

      Went from 9.0 sp2 to 9.1 - after spending 3 hours backing up the servers (learned this from previous upgrades) - but the entire process went without a hitch. (I'm certain that had I not created the - now useless - backups everything would have been a mess :)

      I found one minor bug - the .gif icon for 3211.gif is missing in \Inetpub\SolarWinds\NetPerfMon\images\Vendors    it was there in 9.0

      Also - customizations to CustomPollers-NetPerfMon.Charts are lost in the upgrade.

      Unfortunately the upgrade did not resolve Case #35581 for us - that makes it no less than 4 mayor relases (8 - 8.5 - 9 - 9.1) and a number of servicepacks without a solution..

      It is however the first time since implementing Orion that we've been down to 1 open Case - so thumps up Solarwinds ! :)