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    Problem with submaps after 9.1 Upgrade


      I figured I'd go ahead and pose this issue while I was waiting on support to get back to me.

      To put it simply, I have a multilayer perspectives within in the maps I build. I have a main view which shows the whole state, and there are LEDs placed where nodes and other sites are grouped. So in other words each LED represents multiple nodes and multiple sites. Each site on the map behind these LEDs is a submap itself, which also has it's own nodes and other sites.

      Normally, if a single node went down on a map, the icon for that map would be yellow as long there was at least 1 node up. The icons for submaps wouldn't become red unless everything on the map it was pointing to was down. I find that a single node on the very "leaf end" of this mapping structure I have described will make my main view (the one with the LEDs) have a red LED as if to say everything on the map this LED is linked to is down... and this is not the case.

      Has anyon experienced this in any way?