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    Upgraded 8.5.1 to 9.1 Issues

      Maybe this might help someone who is thinking about upgrading.

      I upgraded my NPM from 8.5.1 to 9.1. Since that time several things have been happening.  These are listed below. Also I built a case with support.
      My question is the fix seems pretty drastic and does anyone know if when I put my maps and reports back will everything I have built come back? I just don't want to loose everything I have built.

      1. The solarwinds Orion Module Engine is going up and down.
      2. We are getting runtime 2.0 errors continuously in the event logs. I do have Net 3.5 loaded.
      3. On the web site it comes up but at the very bottom it still shows it is running on Orion NMP version 8.5.1
      4. Custom MIB poller service will not start.
      I deinstalled APM to get NMP loaded so it is currently not installed.

      Support Response:
      Go ahead go into the Program Files> Solarwinds> Orion and save the maps
      and reports folder to the desktop. Then uninstall Orion and all modules.
      Then delete the solarwinds folder out of the Program Files Folder. Then
      start the installation process over again. You will not need to
      reinstall the licenses.