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    Ticket escalation

      What is Solarwinds Standard Ticket  escalation procedure? I have an issue were my custom poller and ability to view node details pages is down and I have not been called in 24 hours. I opened the ticket yesterday in the morning and updated throughout the day by email. At about 3 PM yesterday I called in stating the requested fixes did not resolve the issue. I then worked with a tech that moved the ticket to the next level. When should I expect a call from the next level? I have call today and updated the ticket with the goal of getting a call.  
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          According to the case notes contact has been made since the escalation. Please be aware that once a case is escalated it can take some time for the next engineer to review all of the information that has been gathered. The engineer may also consult with others in the team or with development staff in an effort to have a solid direction to take the case once they make contact with you. Every effort is made to keep the time frame as short as possible.

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              This is one of biggest peaves with SW and it's how you handle trouble tickets.  Customers have no view into open tickets they have, ticket status, etc anywhere.  This is typical stuff that most companies provide...why can't SW do this?  We have secured customer portals...it should go in there.

              As for excaltaion I have a ticket "62350" that has not been updated since 10/13.  The last update I got then was it's in development for review.  I emailed them back yesterday and even CC my account manager and I have still have not heard from anyone.

              I'm glad I pay over 40K a year in maintenace for this sort of service (sarcasm).