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    Does 9.1 fix graphs?


      Does the 9.1 fix the graphical issues?


      I have a core switch that SW is actually plugged directlty into and it shows huge gaps with nothing for response time?? Here is how the chart looks in excel



      Average Response Time
      21-Oct-0812:00 AM0
      21-Oct-0812:05 AM12
      21-Oct-0812:10 AM0
      21-Oct-0812:15 AM0
      21-Oct-0812:20 AM0
      21-Oct-0812:25 AM0
      21-Oct-0812:30 AM0
      21-Oct-0812:35 AM0
      21-Oct-0812:40 AM0
      21-Oct-0812:45 AM0
      21-Oct-0812:50 AM0
      21-Oct-0812:55 AM0
      21-Oct-081:00 AM0
      21-Oct-081:05 AM0
      21-Oct-081:10 AM0
      21-Oct-081:15 AM0
      21-Oct-081:20 AM0
      21-Oct-081:25 AM0
      21-Oct-081:30 AM0
      21-Oct-081:35 AM0
      21-Oct-081:40 AM0
      21-Oct-081:45 AM0
      21-Oct-081:50 AM0
      21-Oct-081:55 AM0
      21-Oct-082:00 AM0
      21-Oct-082:05 AM0
      21-Oct-082:10 AM0
      21-Oct-082:15 AM0
      21-Oct-082:20 AM0
      21-Oct-082:25 AM0
      21-Oct-082:30 AM0
      21-Oct-082:35 AM0
      21-Oct-082:40 AM0
      21-Oct-082:45 AM0
      21-Oct-082:50 AM0
      21-Oct-082:55 AM0
      21-Oct-083:00 AM0
      21-Oct-083:05 AM0
      21-Oct-083:10 AM0
      21-Oct-083:15 AM0
      21-Oct-083:20 AM0
      21-Oct-083:25 AM0
      21-Oct-083:30 AM0
      21-Oct-083:35 AM0
      21-Oct-083:40 AM0
      21-Oct-083:45 AM0
      21-Oct-083:50 AM0
      21-Oct-083:55 AM0
      21-Oct-084:00 AM0
      21-Oct-084:05 AM0
      21-Oct-084:10 AM0
      21-Oct-084:15 AM0
      21-Oct-084:20 AM0
      21-Oct-084:25 AM0
      21-Oct-084:30 AM0
      21-Oct-084:35 AM0
      21-Oct-084:40 AM0
      21-Oct-084:45 AM0
      21-Oct-084:50 AM0
      21-Oct-084:55 AM0
      21-Oct-085:00 AM0
      21-Oct-085:05 AM0
      21-Oct-085:10 AM0
      21-Oct-085:15 AM0
      21-Oct-085:20 AM0
      21-Oct-085:25 AM0
      21-Oct-085:30 AM0
      21-Oct-085:35 AM0
      21-Oct-085:40 AM0
      21-Oct-085:45 AM0
      21-Oct-085:50 AM0
      21-Oct-085:55 AM1.5
      21-Oct-086:00 AM0
      21-Oct-086:05 AM0
      21-Oct-086:10 AM0
      21-Oct-086:15 AM0
      21-Oct-086:20 AM0
      21-Oct-086:25 AM0
      21-Oct-086:30 AM0
      21-Oct-086:35 AM0
      21-Oct-086:40 AM0
      21-Oct-086:45 AM0
      21-Oct-086:50 AM0
      21-Oct-086:55 AM1
      21-Oct-087:00 AM0
      21-Oct-087:05 AM0
      21-Oct-087:10 AM0
      21-Oct-087:15 AM0
      21-Oct-087:20 AM0
      21-Oct-087:25 AM0
      21-Oct-087:30 AM0
      21-Oct-087:35 AM0
      21-Oct-087:40 AM0.5
      21-Oct-087:45 AM0
      21-Oct-087:50 AM0.5
      21-Oct-087:55 AM0
      21-Oct-088:00 AM0
      21-Oct-088:05 AM0.5
      21-Oct-088:10 AM0