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    Trap Alerts


      Is it possible to generate an alert based on text contained in the Trap Details field in the Trap Viewer?

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          What exactly is the text you are looking to base the alert on?

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              I'm interested in getting an alert when a couple of my switches generate a trap indicating that a port is being blocked by LACP. The particular trap is:

              eventDescription.434=I 10/18/08 11:09:38 ports: port 1 is Blocked by LACP

               Ideally the alert would fire when Orion sees the text "port x is Blocked by LACP" where x is the port number.

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                  Apologies for taking so long to reply. I can't find a way of transforming a trap into an alert however.

                  There are 2 possible alternatives that may/may not be suitable.

                  1. If you go to the trap viewer application on your Orion server, Open it, click > View >Alerts/Filter rules

                  Once there look in the top tabs and select > Alerts/Filter rules > Add rule

                  here you can define conditions ie. 'Message description' and more importantly "Alert Actions"

                  Click alert actions and select add action. You will then be presented with a list of actions you can setup as a result of a trap message meeting your message description criteria.

                  It doesn't give the option to send an alert but there might be some other useful options for you.

                  The 2nd option is a long shot as I'm not familiar with LACP, but if you could find a MIB that can be polled to check the status of whether LACP has been blocked on a device/interface then you could create an alert based on the results of the Custom poller.

                  This might not be possible but it would definitely give you the results you are looking for.

                  Hope this helps. If you've any further questions feel free.