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    Some Content Generator Help


      I am receving traps from a switch and am trying to write a content generator for it so i can see the data that is sent in the trap. Apparently I dont fully understand the content generator because i cant get nothing to work right. Does anyone have a basic example for a content generator for switches or any at all? It is a SMTP trap listner and right now its just using the default which shows pretty much nothing.



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          Hi Fishermc,

          The following steps will give you the entire content of the trap:

          1.  Click on "Alerts" and then click "Content Generators".
          2.  Click "Add Content Generator".
          3.  Specify the "Name" as "Trap Content".
          4.  Enter the "Value" as "%capture[bindings-raw]%".

          *For additional "capture" tokens, review the relevant tables in the following online document.

          5.  Click "OK" on the Generator, then "OK" on the list of Generators to save.
          6.  Open the settings page for the SNMP Trap Monitor you have configured.
          7.  Locate the Notification Control section and change the "Content Generator" drop-down to "Trap Content".
          8.  Click "OK" on the Monitor to save the change.
          When the SNMP Trap Monitor receives new traps, Information Alerts will be triggered with the Content Generator data.  Ensure that you have Alerts configured that have a Notification Content - Information Messages section with the "Send Information Notifications" checkbox enabled.

          Let me know if this provides you with what you need...or not.

          Chris Foley ("Fodome")