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    Available Virtual Memory

      My available virtual memory goes between 11% and 3%.  It is always in the red.  My understanding is that Exchange normally runs using all available virtual memory.  Do I have an error condition here or not?  Thanks for any input.

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          Hello drbrown.

          As I was setting up alerts in Advanced Alerts on disk volumes on an Exchange Server,
          rather than give me the additional logical drives that I wrote in my query, it gave me virtual memory instead.  I have not figured out why this happens.  I did not request virtual memory in
          my trigger alert request.  I am pasting the email alert:


          This is a message from Solarwinds to notify you that your memory usage is above the threshold:

          Friday, October 17, 2008 3:35 PM

          Virtual Memory 57.03518%

          Do not forget to acknowledge Alerts by logging into Solarwinds and selecting Alerts Advanced Alerts