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    Syslog and SNMP Trap messages displayed unfiltered - Orion 9.1 bug?


      I have Syslog Summary for Today (grouped by message type) resource displayed on my Network Summary view. When I click on message type the assembled URL is http://MyGlitteringOrionServer/Orion/Netperfmon/Syslog.aspx?NetObject=&Period=Today&MessageType=LINK-3-UPDOWN, but all last 250 messages for today are displayed (not only LINK-3-UPDOWN as I'd expected and I believe was the case for previous versions). I experience tha same behavior with SNMP Traps.

      Is this probably a bug?

      Couple of suggestions:

      • I would like to see Message Type box for filtering Syslog messages populated as with SNMP Trap messages filtering (Trap type box with drop down menu).
      • Display the message type column in the list of Syslog messages.
      • I would welcome the possibilty to sort by columns (e.g. hostname, type, severity) when displaying Syslog and Trap messages in web console, too.
      • Make displayed coumns configurable as in Syslog Viewer. Eh, that would be to much. ;-)