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    9.1 upgrade: VMWare monitoring not working?

      I hopped on this update immediately when I saw it hit my inbox, we've been waiting a long time for this!

      The install went great. I jumped into my Orion website and one of my ESX hosts shows SOME VM related information, but it's not correct.

      Orion reports 10 VMs running on the host, when in reality there are 22. It is showing some network/cpu usage information for those ten VMs.

      My other ESX host shows up as a VMWare host in Solarwinds, but shows no VM information. I have deleted and re-provisioned the second ESX host in the system manager and still no-go.

      Both hosts are ESX 3.0.2 in an HA cluster running on Dell 2950 hardware (Dual Xeon E5345 w/ 32GB of RAM)

      My snmpd.conf files on both machines are identical and I have tried doing an /etc/init.d/snmpd restart on both machines with no improvement.


      Any ideas?