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    Orion NPM 9.1 is now available


      We are pleased to announce the availability of Orion Network Performance Monitor 9.1.  If you're on maintenance, it's available in your customer portal.  If you're a new customer, re-download the evaluation.

      What's new in v9.1 :

       Express Evaluation install and configuration – We’ve made our eval install easier if users choose the Express Install option.

      Virtualization Monitoring - NPM will discover your VMware ESX servers and automatically begin monitoring them, delivering a wealth of data about the VMs hosted by ESX.  We deliver rich views of data in the web console, as well as built in reports and alerts.

      Add External Websites to the Orion Web Console – External websites can be easily added to the Orion menu bar

      New resource:  Latest Universal Device Pollers posted to Thwack – Users can now see what the custom pollers that the community is adding to Thwack from their Orion home page.

      Improved web console performance – Same web console, but faster.

      One-step view editing -- We’ve added an “edit” button to pages (in the upper right-hand corner) that goes straight to customizing that view

      New Orion Web Console link Start menu – The new web console link will always launch to the correct server name and port

      Updated web console pages for Syslog, Traps, and Alerts – Cleaner, prettier, and faster.

      Web Node Management – improved performance, interface-only view, and a lightning-fast option to search for nodes and interfaces. 

      Fast shutdown for NetPerfMon - When re-running the Configuration Wizard, the NetPerfMon service will now shut down immediately (as opposed to taking minutes)

      New Transforms in the Universal Device Poller - Users can now use Transform function to get the Sum, Min, Max, or Avg of a column in a MIB table

      Start menu has been reorganized  - We’ve re-organized the Start Menu to make it easier for new customers to recognize the full range of Orion NPM’s functionality.