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    Bandwidth Gauges V9.2.51 problem

      I'm having an issue with Bandwidth Gauges V9.2.51

      Here is the issue:

      I have the gauges set on a server and they are all set up and they are polling correctly.  I'm sharing the .htm file to multiple computers so that we can monitor the gauges from another pc on our network.  What I did is setup a share on the server so that the pc can connect to that share to view the .htm file.  The page does pop up properly and does show the activity of the gauges.  The problem is that the gauges disappear from time to time and i'm not sure what is causing this.  If I look on the server, the gauges are there running properly.  The only way to bring up the gauges on the pc is to refresh the browser.  I'm using IE6 btw.

      Has anybody had this kind of issue before?

       Thank You