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    graph data completely inaccurate

       I am using free netflow analyzer version and I have a serious issue with it. Everything is nicely designed and intuitive, but - the graphs are waaay wrong. I am using exclusively Cisco boxes and I experimented with routers 1841 and 3825/45. The main thing is that I KNOW positively that I am getting 100% load on an interface, and graphs show only a couple of dozen kbps. The status bar readings are quite rights, for instance on my SHDSL 384 kbps link I am reading some 350 kbps download, and the graphs show 20-30 kbps in every view (app, conversation, protocols etc.) Then, when I tried to see what is going on with my 3825, which is currently receiveing heavy load of 60 megs, the charts are showing from 1-2 megabits of traffic... At the same time, the status bar shows the precise amount of traffic.

      I tried several other routers as well, and the graphs are always way wrong.  What can be the problem? I really like the app, I mean it is free, it looks great, has all the basic options and readings we need - but it has no use if the graphs are wrong. :(

      Any ideas?