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    ******** essential feature request for Orion *********

      need the ability for each objet to have it's own refresh and/or poll setting.  For example:  If I place custom poller 1 and custom poller 2 on the same page.  I should be able to set a different refresh interval for each instance.  The end result being that each poller will refresh independantly and the whole page voided from having to be refreshed.  With Ajax there is no reason to require the entire page to refresh to simply see the stats change.  It should look and feel like an application, not a website.

      need the ability to set the x and y of charts.  For example.  If I have a custom poller chart that display values that will never exceed 20, there is no reason for the chart to go up to 100.  We should be able to set the counters and/or hashes on the x and y parts of the charts to a custom settings per instance.  I have charts where 90% of the chart is blank and will never get close to the top of the chart. It almost makes the chart worthless for there's such a huge space of blank area you really can't tell what the stats are reading.

      need the ability to set various colors on a per node basis based on specified thresholes.  For example.  If I have a firewall at a remote site and its response time is higher than 200 ms.  I would like the color of its status to be orange instead of green.  If it exceeds 1000 ms I would like the status to turn red instead of orange.

      need the ability to create rule sets on a per node basis that will change the color of the location based on a status of a specified node.  For example.  If my remote firewall is in the status of orange then the location should be at a status of orange for my firewall is my only way to communicating to that site.  If the firewall's response time is at a threshole that shows orange then the location should be orange for anything behind that firewall will also have a high response time.  This really stands true when you have site to site tunnels.  If the remote firewall has a high response time then everything behind it will also have a high response time.  This should be noted in the location color.

      need the ability to create a custom view on a per node basis ignoring the manufacturer.  Currently I can create custom views, however, the manufacturer moderates what view is assigned to that node.  I need the ability to assign views on a per device basis solely where the manufacturer has nothing to do with which view is assigned to the device.  Currently I have custom views that are built for wireless birdges associated to access points.  This happend because the access point and wireless bridge are made by the same manufacturer.  The end results being 4-5 customer poller charts showing no data messages due to the chart only pertaining to a certain device.  Since the manufacturer moderates this I have no control over it.

      Please implement these changes....  This is will make your product even better than it is now...


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          Interesting requests, and things we are considering for the future.
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              This request falls in with the funtionality mentioned above, however, currently when a node has a high latency rate that exceeds the threshole the node is still green...  Having the ability for it to be orange and then eventually red based on configured thresholes is essential.  Currently a node show green even if it's in a extremely poor state.  This functionality is mentioned above...  I run into this problem constantly...  I look at my nodes and their green, however, 2 of them will have insanely high latency.  The only way I know it's truly a problem is due to my alerts and the events post on Orion...  Having the node change colors would help so much....

               Thanks for your response earlier..  I have more feature requests...  I'll post them in a few days... The most important ones I already posted...