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    Secondary polling engine - dual entries



      I don't know if this is a bug or a feature but i believe it is a bug.
      We just installed a secondary polling engine. We have a lot of people that is allowed to add new nodes.

      We should now add the first node to the secondary polling engine and discovered later that is was allready added to the primary by a colleague.

      So - a node can exist on both polling engines? There was no warning that the node existed when we added it.

      In the Nodes table and in the GUI Overview have now the same node with different id's. Double polling.

      We have not yet used the polling load balancing because we would like to test the engine with a few nodes before we moved it.

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          yea, you can actually add the same node to the same engine, the NodeID is unique key (I think) which is auto assigned when added so never an issue. 
          I have to manage that process with a policy as I also have a handful of people adding devices. 

          It would be nice if the MENU -> NODES -> FIND search feature checked the entire DB and reported all findings including which Polling Engine the device is on (we have 2 addit PEs).

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              We find we have duplicates every now and then. I setup an SQL report to run which shows me any duplicate entries - a quick check every couple of weeks keeps things straight.


              Edit: Slightly more helpful if I also post the SQL we use...

              SELECT     Caption, COUNT(Caption) AS NumberOfDups
              FROM         Nodes
              GROUP BY Caption
              HAVING      (COUNT(Caption) > 1)