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    Removing Debug Syslog messages



      I am looking for a way to remove any old debug syslog messages from the Orion database. Some of our other teams have been running an unusually high amount of debugs on our CVP  gateways and as you can imagine the amount of syslogs generated can be extraordinary. These debug msgs have been recorded and sent off to the vendor for analysis and are no longer useful. Is there a way of scanning the syslog tables in the database and removing all the debug messages. I have seen an SQL command to remove syslog entries based on dates, can the same thing be done for message type? If not, can it be done based on source IP address?

      Just to make it clear I do not wish to block future debug messages, just clear out the old ones. 



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          Yes, you can clear syslog messages based on either the message type or IP address.  The queries would look something like this:

          To delete records based on data in the message type field:

          delete from syslog where messagetype = 'criteria'

          To delete records based on data in the ip field:

          delete from syslog where ip = ''