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    license help

       hi there,

      We're a third party, monitoring the application of one of our valued clients. However there were applications that are running at thier side but when APM querries, it is down at our end (monitoring by the way is via SNMP). When we asked your support on this, they asked us to upgrade Orion from v8.5 to 9, then APM from v1 to 2.
              Since we are new to this, we've set-up a replica server just to be familiarize on the steps and procedures to be done. Unfortunately, using the replica server, we've accidentally activated the license key for NPM.
              Is there a way for us to reinstate it back to our web account? Or can you give us a license key for NPM? By the way, you can disable the license key that we've accidentally downloaded at the replica server.
      I've already created a ticket, but we haven't have a feedback yet.