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    Engineer's Toolset Installation and Licensing on Vista Business

      I installed the toolset on my Dell XPS notebook running Vista Business w/SP1, and Intel Core Duo CPU T7800 @ 2.60GHZ and 4 GB of Ram.  I did not have UAC active and installed for only my use.  I also installed SP1 for the toolset.  When I started the launcher it asked me to register, which I did successfully.  However nothing runs.  I checked the forum and found an issue with the UAC being turned off, so I turned it on and did a repair.  That seemed to go well, however when I went to install the Update (sp1) it cannot find the path. So it still does not work.  I decided to load the license manager to take the license and park it inorder to do an unistall and reinstall, but the license manager cannot find an active license.  Any suggestions would be very helpful.