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    Orion thinks a server is another server by name?????

      Ok this may sound confusing but I will try to explain it the best I can.

       We are running orion 9.0 sp2

      I had a server in orion being monitored till one day it said it could see the nics on it.  Weill I removed the node from orion and wen to readd it.  Now when i try to readd it orion thinks it another server.

       I goto add new node place the server name and the community string and click next.  Orion box comes up saying it trying to add a whole different server name and fails with a error "servername" does not support the interfaces MIB????

      The server name its trying to add is a whole different server that is on a different community string and is allready in orion.

       I took out that server and tried to add the the other server back in and it still trying to add the other name server instead of the correct one.

       How can i fix this???? Need a fix ASAP!

       No dns records are the same to do this.  Each server is on a whole different vlan and in 2 different sites.