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    Question regarding esx 3.5i embedded and installable

      I have several ESX3.5i hosts running.  ESX3.5i has limited SNMP support and according to all I have read really only can send SNMP traps to a receiver.  Personally I don't understand why a company like VMware would introduce a host platform with such limited SNMP support.  Unless there's something I'm missing here which I really hope it is.  Is anyone monitoring ESX3.5i hosts currently and how are you doing it?  I don't want to drop 5k on VirtualCenter to be able to monitor something I should be able to monitor with a tool I already have purchased. That tool being Solarwinds.  I really just want the basics here.  CPU load of the host, memory utilization of the host, etc.  There's a ton of ways to get this from the Virtual guests but that's not really what I'm looking for.  Anyone here have any experience and wisdom to offer?  Thanks!