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    I do not like the Dashboard.

      If you ask me, you should stick with single application and not try to add everything into a huge memory/cpu eating dashboard.

      When I did look in my task manager, I did not find the Dashboard, because the name was so strange. IeeHostApp.exe What a name is that??? use SolarDash.exe or something that makes sense.  It does use 20MB or more just to start, and does take some time to start.  Running SwitchPortmapper and you are up in 50MB.  After some restart it now user 60MB to 70MB just to start.Trying to resize the Switchport mapper it grows to 140MB and die!!  It also died trying to run Map my switch.  Memory growing to 160MB and then it just disappear.


      After using Solarwinds from long time ago, the best version is v8.  With v9 I do need to accept admin privilege on Vista.  v10 with dashboard does not looks good for me. 


      Do a survey on main forum for all v9 user and ask what to keep and make better.  Focus on those application.  For me that would be Network Performance Monitor, Network browser, Switchport mapper, Subnet Calc.