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    Using Hot Standby and Additional Web Server


      I have purchased Hot Standby Software but have never used it. I have purchased Additional Web Server and again have not used it. I am trying to determine what these can provide me. I presently have two 8.5 pollers and a seperate Database Server.I havent upgraded to v9 because I fear the performance hit for my web users.

      I have to restart the ORION Services on occasion because my web users complain of slow Web performance(especially for node details). Will an aditional web Server help to seperate the Web peice from the poller piece? Can the Additional Web Server be used on the Hot Standby Server? When you use the additional Web Server, does the original web server function on the poller go away? My understanding is that it does not...

      Bottom line.. How do I increase the performance for my web users? My Hardware is way over and above the minimum requirements(Dual 3ghz,8gb Ram). I poll 2500 elements on poller 1+web (primary) and 3500 elements on the second poller. No volumes.Both pollers act as syslog servers(about 1 million events/day).