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    Large Mail Send Queue


      I am using exchange monitor on sbs 2003 running exchange. The monitor displays a large number of mail under mail send queue but there are no mails queued in esm in any of my queues. Am I missing something?

       When I restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service the queue go back to 0 in monitor, but quickly increses again.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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           I don't have a solution, but I have similar problem (over 3410711 messages).  I have figured out that hte Mail send queue is the same as the performance monitor object MSExchangeIS Mailbox with counter Send Queue Size

          Also, I used a Microsoft utility called MFCMAPI to browse information store.  I found looking at the SMTP mailbox more information

          Expand the root container

          Click MTS-IN

          Look for Property name PR_CONTENT_COUNT

          For me, that was the same value reported by SolarWinds Exchange Monitor and performance monitor.

           When I browse the items, I have a lot of messages that are NDR, undeliverable, Delivery Status Notification (Failure), Returned mail and Undelivered Mail.

          From this website http://www.msexchange.org/articles_tutorials/exchange-server-2003/management-administration/Exchange-2003-System-Mailboxes.html, I found this:

          The folders MTS-IN and MTS-OUT are used by Exchange Deployment Kit (EDK) connectors to transfer messages between the MTA (Microsoft Exchange Transport Agent) and the Exchange Server information store (store.exe). They are also used for X400 connectors, Exchange site connectors, and fax connectors.

           Does anyone know how to delete these messages?