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    Switch Port Mapper


      I've tried the switch port mapper and it works OK for a number of our switches but when I try it with our Cisco 6509 I get an error Layer2: Error getting bridge-mib for all VLAN's.

      I've tried the same switch with v9.2 and it works fine but version 9.2 doesn't pull back the same information so not sure if its a problem with the beta or the switch any ideas would be much appreciated.

       Also DNS resolution doesn't appear to be working in v10 as a switch I've just tried in v9.2 displays all the DNS entries for each interface but I don't get the same with v10.

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           Jon - Are you using a community string with a @ in it? Can you send me a sniff of the port map? 

           You are correct on the reduced DNS entries - we are not currently resolving entries from WINS, something we are aware of.



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            I also have the same error with our 6513s

            It would be really cool to have more tools as dashboard gadgets, I'm thinking Syslog/Config manipulation/Netflow.

            I'm very impressed so far, the toolset's needed something like this for ages!


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                 All - in exchange for someone sending me a capture of a failed port map, I will let you in on a little secret:

                New in the Toolset is a command line version of SwitchPortMapper. In the Dashboard folder you will find a file named SWSPMCmd.exe.  Work is still ongoing with the app (XML output is not complete, and not all the switches work), but you can get a basic port map out of it now.


                Usage:  <switch IP> <switch community> [<arp IP> <arp community> /scommv=<1|2> /arpcommv=<1|2> /showraw /xml /showstatus /exportfilename=<path&name> /nologo]

                    <switch ip>             The IP Address of the switch to map
                    <switch community>      The community string of the switch to map
                    <arp ip>                The IP address of the device to get the ARP table from.
                    <arp community>         The community string of the /arpip device.
                    /scommv:    The SNMP version to use (2 is default)
                    /arpcommv:  The SNMP Version to use for /arpip device. (2 default)
                    /showraw    Shows all data retrieved for the devices
                    /xml        Shows the output in XML format (instead of fixed width
                    /showstatus Shows status messages
                    /exportfilename The name and path the create the export file in.
                    /nologo     Hides the copyright line in the output.

                Please either PM the captures, or send them to the email specified in my handle :)