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    Orion Main Console interface Feature Request

      The following are just some random ideas while im working late on this lovely Saturday evening...

      I would like to be able to ctrl click to select multiple nodes and then right click and have context menu options to open a simple polling dialog window that would change the polling properties for the selected items. This would greatly simplify the matter managing how items are polled.

      Oh since im rambling... here are some other ideas related to the same topic.

      Right clicking a node currently drops a context menu... i would display the current polling settings at the top of the menu.. selecting the settings would open the same polling settings dialog that opened when you selected the group.

      Oh and here is something i requested for the un-manage dialog only accessible by opening up a single node a long time ago (hmm being able to un-manage and re-manage groups would be a plus too)

      Ok lastly... and i think this wraps it up. Within the polling settings dialog.. you should have the option to select whether the change is temporary (if so the duration specified) if the change is unspecified (the change will stay until such time as the dialog box is re-opened and the temporary change lifted) orrrr simply indicating that the change is permanent in which case.. well.. it would be permanent..

      ( with the exception of the  making settings permanent the un-manage feature would benefit from the same functionality )
      ook.. not sure if all that makes sense.. but there it is.... ooh but hey look at the time.. got to go!