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    Call Manager 6.1 CPU

    Stacy Patten

      Hello all,

       We have a multi-server Call Manager 6.1 and all the standard information is polling properly, except for CPU and Memory.  All of my CPU graphs are reporting no information, however the servers indicate some CPU utilization and the Application Monitor sees CPU usage.  Does anybody know what MIB is used to poll this information from these boxes or am I just missing something?



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          Am experiencing this same issue and was wondering if it was ever sorted???

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            i am going to assume your Call Manager is on a Windows box.. to display multiple CPU usage on my windows devices i setup a UDP with this OID -

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                These are running 7.1.3 which is Linux/Redhat.

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                    The issue is that the CCM

                    -          Is a cisco device

                    -          And supports the Host Resource MIB that has CPU and Memory, which NPM can work with.


                    So why doesn’t it work?


                    This is because it’s a Cisco device, therefore we expect CPU and memory to come from where they normally come,  for Cisco Routers and Switches.

                    But it happens that a CCM is a server, so it does not report on CPU/memory like a router, but like a server, based on the Host Resource MIB.


                    So basically we are ignoring the fact that it has Host Resource MIB (even if we suport this MIB), because for us it’s before anything else, a Cisco, so it should “behave like a router”, MIB-wise.


                    So it’s not really a bug, but we definitely need to improve the way we categorize devices and go for the MIBs that are actually being supported.


                    We are looking at this for a future release (65220)


                    The UnDP as a temporary workaround, is the only alternative for now.

                    This might help: Cisco Call Manager Information