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    Orion + Engineers Toolset = :) :) :) :) A 5 smile rating!


      Ever since i started using thid product sweet several years ago i have been waiting for some integration and with each successive version finding myself a wee bit dissapointed.. considering its something that would greatly enhance the value and consequently the sale of both products.. here is my suggestion.

       There are several components of the toolset that collect useful data and have the ability to publish to the web.. dhcp scope monitor.. ip address management.. to name a few. my suggestion would be to allow a few enhancements to some of these applications when they are installed on the same box as orion.. namely allow them to run as a service and auto publish.

       this would allow them to be accessable from a custom link from within the portal or published elsewhere if desired.

      i think cost of mod to value ad ratio is pretty sweet