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    Monitoring a Cisco ACS appliance

      We have two Cisco ACS 1113 appliances. We have them setup in Orion NPM and in APM. APM is seeing all of the services up and running fine. NPM is showing the systems down because you can not ping the devices. There is no way to allow ICMP to these appliances. Has anyone found a way to have the appliance in Orion and show them up?

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          You can enable ping if you have version You have to install an "update" called:


          You can download this from the Cisco website if you have a CCO account. Although the patch is supposed to be for 4.2, the documentation says it is for releases 4.0.x.x, 4.1.x.x, and 4.2.x.x, I have only used it on There is also a patch to turn Pinging back off, in case you change your mind. You install this update the same as you would any cumalitive patches for the system. SECURITY NOTE: the device is suseptable to the "ping of death" so be warned. The patch does not allow for pings from specific devices, it'a and all or none.

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            Craig Le-Butt


            Was you able to monitor the ACS in the end?  I'm just doing the same, but doesn't seem to be able to monitor the services for ACS, did you have any luck?