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    Making Orion administration less painful.


      I had issues with being able to create alerts that would trigger off of a given variable.  Adding a Custom Property to all of my nodes,

      and doing advanced alerts based off the contents of that Custom Property helped immensely.


      Now I have an issue with user administration for access to the web-based NMS, in that I need to be limiting the majority of my user's

      view, quite dramatically.  Is the proper way to do that by a view by pattern?  Can I use a regexp that would match on the first 5 characters

      in the node name being numeric (not alphanumeric)?


      Can I do a view limitation based off a custom property like I do with alerts?

      I'm not quite sure how to get around to the end result, but I pretty much just need to be able to set a view

      for the user(s), and not have to change 30 (soon to be more) users every time I add a node.


      That's the immediate, short-term need. 


      On the long term side, I need API documentation, or merely documentation on how the relevant tables need to be populated

      for the addition of a new node, the addition of new users, new advanced alerts.  I need to be able to add nodes, users, and set

      the relevant limitations as part of a flow-through from other systems.