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    HW recommendations for Orion v9 SLX (1662 nodes, 2255 interfaces and 1953 volumes monitored)

      Hi all,


      Currently running an Orion 8.5.1 SLX installation on a four year old G1 with 2 GB ram, 1662 nodes, 2255 interfaces and 1953 volumes monitored.

      Needless to say, we have severe issues with lost statistics, lost polls and even soooo slow response from the web interface (sometimes 1-2 minutes before node details are loaded in IE). 

      Planning to upgrade to version 9, I would like to have your recommendations for a new server, with the number of nodes, interfaces and volumes monitored.

       The server is also running a Solarwinds Syslog service.

      Also, is there any gain in response in the web interface, when splitting Orion to have the Polling Engine on a seperate server and the web interface on another?

      Thanks in advance


      Anders Damkjær

      Oticon A/S