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    Filter a custom poller get table


      OK.... from what i can see there is no option for this. Tonight i will pray to the solarwinds gods that a user wiser than me knows how to do this without having to do anything to elaborate. The need is simple.. since solarwinds doesnt support cisco WiSMs im trying to grab whatever information i can.. In a given table there may be a gazillion returns.. ie for instace.. if my poller is for traps. and i dont want to see all the traps. i want to see the traps that match certain criteria. contains *x or *x* x* etc... ........................ should we be able to to do custom sql queries from here?

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          Has this not been addressed in 4 years?  I have a similar need - I wish to monitor a particular process on a number of servers - this process will have mutliple instances - I wish to graph the number of running instances over time to see if the number of running instances of this process correlates to cpu/memory load, and be able to decide if some of these process instances can be run on different servers to load balance.  hrSWRunName (OID provides a table of running processes, but I wish to filter out only a single process name and get results of how many instances of that process are running - is there no way to do this?

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              Hi sduff, SLXer,


              unfortunately this is not possible in current NPM. You only can create a report over the historical data for the poller and filter the results.

              Anyway we plan to include graphs into reports in our future release so your needs should be satisfied.


              Thanks for posting on thwack,