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    Tracert Custom Alert


        Has anyone setup a custom alert to run a command and email the results?  I am trying to setup a custom alert using an "External Process" which will allow me to run a tracert command and hopefully email the results.  I am monitoring a remote node and when that node goes down I need to run a trace route automatically to determine the failure point.  It would be benefitial if I could have the results emailed along with the alert itself for rapid troubleshooting.  If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. 

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          Dont know of a real easy way to do this but there is a way.

          You can have the alert setup to run an external process. You can then make a bat file (which is the eternal process) that would then tracert the IP address and send the result of the tracert to a file (by using >C:\example.txt) and have the last command in the bat file to email that .txt file with the results. You can use BLAT which is a command line SMTP utility that would work fine for this.