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    Looking for Advice to Improve Alert Structure


      Hey everyone, I've been using Orion for a few years now - currently running 8.5.1 SP3, hope to upgrade to 9.0 this week or next.  It seems that as more and more nodes come online in our network the number of Alerts I get during a failure increases.  My current Alert strucutre is like this:  I have only 10 Basic Alerts.  Thes include things like send me a text a message when these major devices/nodes go down, email me on a device reboot, page another tech when these critical interfaces go down.  And under a couple of those Alerts I can have a couple hundred nodes.  Currently monitoring 639 Nodes - not much compared to some of you.  Here is the problem, Sunday morning I had a switch fail at one of our microwave tower sites - there happens to be around 100+ devices behind it that we monitor (I know, I'm waiting on redundant gear to get here now).  So, I can get over 100 text messages when that server can't get past the failed switch, then the same ones when it comes back up.  Does anyone have any ideas on how I can improve this or get some kind of hierarchy for Alerts - ie. if this switch is down, assume all Nodes behind it are down.

       Thanks in advance.