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    help with custom tags please


      I am attempting to follow a knowledge center article for the old ipMonitor web site that was linked in a message elsewhere in this forum:


      Are the steps outlined here still accurate? If not, can someone point me to a step-by-step procedure for configuring a custom tag in an alert notification?

      Thanks for the help.

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           It is the same in version 9.

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              Something seems to have changed because in the referenced KB article, step 4 says:

              "4. Click the Alerts menu option, then select the Profile to which the Alert will be added."

              This step is ambiguous at best. There is no Alerts menu option except from the Configuration tab. Should it have said to go to the Configuration tab first?

              What is a Profile? There is no "Profile" button on any view that I can see. The documentation leaves much to be desired.

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                  Here are the steps updated for v9 terminology:
                  1. Navigate to Configuration > Alert List, then select the Alert to which the Action will be added.
                  2. Click the Add Action option on the submenu bar, then select Customizable Email from the drop-down menu.
                  3. Input values for: Action Name, Send an Email Message To, and Send Email From.
                  4. Append the following text to Failure Message:
                    - %monitortag[ContactInfo]%