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    Adjusting unmonitored traffic


      I have a new install of Orion 9.0 SP2 with NTA and am in the process of adjusting the ports / applications that are monitored. The Unmonitored catagory is currently on the top of most lists but figure due to not every port & application being activated. Rather than simply activate all applicatipons / ports, I have selected a device and have it reporting to the free realtime Netflow Monitor. This will give me ALL the traffic and then working through the list to activate extras here. I know this sounds like a bit of a manual process but figure activiting everything will not be good on performance on the server.

       Now my question .. I have a few ports that are part of a "range" on an already active application. I would like to define them with the application we use them for. What is the easiest way to modify the existing definition? For example we have a proxy in production using port 8080. This port is defined in the range for Quicktime so I have a high Quicktime usage but would like this to reflect the proxy traffic. Do I simply delete the range definition for Quicktime and then readd without this specific port or is there a different / better way? I am sure I cannot have the same port defined with multiple application.