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    Change web page display type

       I have now successfully setup an APC battery RemainingRunTime using "upsAdvBatteryRunTimeRemaining" as a universal poller.  It works successfully, but only lets me choose to display it as a gauge or chart.  There is not enough data to logically choose chart, and a gauge is a misleading representation of the value.  For example, one ups shows 41 minutes remaining, and on the gauge it shows as 41 out of 100. 

      I don't need a fancy graphic, I just want to see a number, as if I could display it as a table type.  Can anybody guide me on how to improve this or change this?  I will take any recommendation.  I would be content with a text value, rather than a graphic for this.

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          I'm having a similiar problem except I'm trying to display device temperatures and serial numbers.  I can't select anything but gauge and unfortunately, I can't even see them. Hopefully someone can help us with this.


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               I was able to get temperature to display as both chart and a single value.  I used and was able to display temp as a value using "display as table."  Serial, I toyed with, but didn't have a need, so I didn't try longer.

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                   Anybody else have a response?  I hope I was able to help rsprim, but I am still having difficulties with displaying anything other than a gauge.  It won't let me choose another way to display it.

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                      Have you considered adding the "Universal Device Poller Status" resource to the "Node Details" view?
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                        For the serial number I used Universal Device Poller . As for the display, A gauage or chart didnt work for me, so I jsut relied on the Universal Device Poller Status field in Node details:

                        upsAdvIdentSerialNumber JS0703016168 8:41 AM

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                            So we have an APC UPS Network Management Card 2 model AP9631.  We can't get any of the custom pollers to work properly with it.  We've managed to use the MIB browser to get the temperature, but other fields like battery status, input line voltage, etc, seem to be non-existant in the MIB tree.  Have the MIBs changed with this model / firmware?

                            Here is what the UPS reports back under the sytem OID

                            APC Web/SNMP Management Card (MB:v3.8.6 PF:v5.0.1 PN:apc_hw05_aos_501.bin AF1:v5.0.1 AN1:apc_hw05_sumx_501.bin MN:AP9631 HR:05 SN: BA0931024024 MD:07/31/2009) (Embedded PowerNet SNMP Agent SW v2.2 compatible)

                            This Works:



                            These do not:

                            Battery Status

                            Input Voltage

                            Battery Capacity

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                                Hi Jspanitz--

                                So you've done a MIB walk on your device and have verified you have the correct OIDs, right?

                                Also, have you posted your unknown OIDs on our Unknown devices post? It gets read and then our MIB gets updated most every Wednesday or Thursday.

                                Barring these two items, I'd open a support ticket here.
                                Click Submit a Technical Support Ticket
                                In order to receive technical support, you will need to be current on your SolarWinds maintenance. Complete the form. You will not be able to upload your Orion diagnostics, but you will receive an email back that allows you to upload diagnostics.


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                                    I've done the MIB walk, the OID I got for temp came from that.  I can not find the other metrics anywhere after lookng at the walk.   I've submitted what I believe to be the correct OID to the Unknown Devices thread per your suggestion.

                                    I will open up a support ticket as well.  I didn't actually realize support would assist with such things.  Thanks for making me aware!

                                    I'm sure this is documented and I will search after asking here, but how does one update the MIB database in NPM? - Forget it - found it here How Do You Update the MID Database in Orion?