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    Abiltiy to unmanage a device interface


      One issue that recently came up with us is that we upgrade a vendor service to higher bandwidth service that required that we move to a new physical interface.  The old interface was unchecked in the resource list and the new interface was checked.  At that point in time all the old data for the old interface become inaccessible and in fact (per Solarwinds) the data on the old interface goes a way after the next database maintenance.  This is a huge loss of historical data.  This is just one example.  Others would be changing from one vendor to another and changing interfaces.  There is no way to make performance comparisons. Per Solarwinds, today the only way to handle this is to leave the interface active and then write a custom properties to filter out alarms on the interface.  My suggestion is to implement a way to unmanage an interface in a similar manner to that of unmanaging a device.   That would also solve the problem of temporary maintenance periods.